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  • Thin & Wide Leather Stripe Combination Slip-on Sandals -  Efrat
    Thin & Wide Leather Stripe Combination Slip-on Sandals -  Efrat

Thin & Wide Stripe Combination Slip-on Handmade Leather Sandals - Efrat


Not only are these hand-made leather sandals a brilliant example of top craftsmanship, but they are also a throwback from two millennia ago, as they are modeled on biblical sandals.

Process Time (business days): 14
SKU : 15651

Size 47- 48 extended process time

MSRP: $44.95
Sale price: $26.95

This unique design means that you can wear leather sandals which have historic significance.  Based on the kind of sandals found by archaeologists from over two thousand years ago, these biblical handmade leather sandals have a deeper meaning.

However, that should not take away at all from the excellence of their design.  These slip-on sandals allow you to easily enjoy the comfort provided by genuine leather.  The soles combine hand-stitched leather with genuine rubber to produce a comfortable and attractive finish.  Similarly, the design which enables your feet to be held in place is simple but pleasing on the eye.  Two leather straps cross over to guide the front of your foot.  The strap underneath is a plain thin strip, which lies under a broader leather strap attached to a big toe holder, which provides extra shape to the design.  It makes for a comfortable, stylish and truly historic pair of sandals.