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  • Comfortable Wide Strap Slip-on  Leather Sandals - Jacob
    Comfortable Wide Strap Slip-on  Leather Sandals - Jacob

Two Strip Slip-on Handmade Leather Sandals with Buckle - Benjamin


If you are looking for a reliable pair of genuine leather sandals, then this is a great choice.  Not only are they quality, but they also guarantee top quality comfort.

Process Time (business days): 14
SKU : 15648

Size 47- 48 extended process time

MSRP: $44.95
Sale price: $26.95


These handmade leather sandals get the job done in the most efficient and comfortable way possible.  Fashioned from genuine leather, Carmel have utilized the best craftsmanship available to produce a winning model.  Two thick leather strips form the basis of these Israeli sandals.  One arches over the toes, while the other towards the back of the sandal sits across the top of the ankle.  The back leather strap also features a buckle, which can be adjusted in order to fit your specific requirements, guaranteeing maximum comfort.  You can also rest assured that the top quality leather has been hand stitched to the genuine rubber soles in order to produce a fine and classy finish. 


These unique leather sandals also carry a somewhat greater meaningful significance.  The design is based on the sandals found in Israel by scholars, dating back over two millennia.  As such, these biblical sandals are historical and unique.