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  • Weave Design Slip-on Leather Biblical Sandals - Ariel
    Weave Design Slip-on Leather Biblical Sandals - Ariel

Weave Design Slip-on Handmade Leather Biblical Sandals - Ariel

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This ingenious design for a pair of leather sandals will not disappoint.  In addition to catching the eye, they will also prove extremely comfortable wherever you choose to wear them.

Process Time (business days): 12
SKU : 15667

Size 47- 48 extended process time

MSRP: $44.95
Sale price: $26.95

This pair of hand-made leather sandals is brilliantly creative.  The effect appears complex at first glance, but is actually the result of a simple design.  The sandals are open-backed, but the front of the foot is held in place by two rounded v-shaped bands of leather, which cross over at their middle point, creating a tight, secure bond.  The design is anchored by a leather toe divider, which provides further shape to the design.  The result is a sandal that guarantees both comfort and elegance.


In addition, the materials involved in manufacturing these sandals are of the highest quality.  Inspired by the techniques of biblical sandals which have been discovered by archaeologists across Israel, these sandals use only genuine leather.  This is attached to the quality rubber soles by hand-stitched craftsmanship.  It means that these Israeli sandals are not only pleasing on the eye, but they are of long-lasting quality.