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  • Nubuk Oryx Womens Source Sandal, NEW Style!
    Nubuk Oryx Womens Source Sandal, NEW Style!
  • Nubuk Oryx Womens Source Sandal - Side View
    Nubuk Oryx Womens Source Sandal - Side View
  • Nubuk Oryx Womens Source Sandal - Top View
    Nubuk Oryx Womens Source Sandal - Top View
  • Women's Source Sandals - Leather Gobi
    Women's Source Sandals - Leather Gobi

Nubuk Oryx Womens Source Sandal, NEW Style!


Hiking in the woods or walking around town, Source Sandals new style of Nubuk and suede sandals take it all in stride in comfort and style. Source sandal quality assurance and care of details make the new Oryx style women sandal a welcome addition for any expedition.

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SKU : 11459
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MSRP: $170.45
Sale price: $109.95

Oryx sandal for women is a super comfortable walking and hiking sandal that is made of real Nubuk upper, padded for a soft touch and with a suede footbed. City style with country durability is key element in this newly designed Source sandal, which now uses new tension lock adjustable clasps to ensure that your feet are securely fitted to the shoe. Go straight to the Source - buy your own pair and see for yourself!

Available in womens sizes 36-42 in Red or Turquoise straps.

In the Source Sandal factory in Tirat Hacarmel, workers handcraft the sandals in their entirety, rather than working piecemeal on an assembly line. An ID numbe is stamped on each finished sandal, so it can be traced to its maker.


Every pair of Source sandals comes with the Green Dot Guarantee – rather than issuing a guarantee for an arbitrary period of time, Source will honor the warrantee on its sandals as long as the green dot on the sole is visible.


X-Cross Patented Strapping System Combines 6 anchoring points with separate adjustments for the heel, arch & forefoot straps. The heel arch forefoot straps correspond perfectly to the foot anatomy and firmly holds the foot in place even during the most demanding of activities. No other strapping system does this.
3-Layer Construction Provides the perfect balance between foot contact and ground contact, while maintaining shock absorption and light weight properties.
Green Dot Guarantee Based on the miles you walk, not the time you own your sandals. Our guarantee remains valid as long as the green dot is visible on the sandal sole.
Useful water-resistant carry bag Allows for easy and clean packing, even when sandals are wet or dirty
Soft tubular webbing Fast-drying and gentle on the skin
Anatomically contoured For foot support
Antibacterial treatment Prevents odor and bacteria
A.R.T 2 – Super abrasion resistant RUBBER sole For super abrasion resistance of the sole. Highest grip ability and extremly abrasion resistant in all directions and for all terrains
Edge Lockers Secure strap edges


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