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Ancient Roman Glass - Sundial Glass Jewelry Set

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Based on a Qumran sundial etched with time gradations around for hours and seasons.

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MSRP: $599.95
Sale price: $439.95

List of songs:
Chagiga (Celebration)
Bachom shel Tel-Aviv (Tel-Aviv Heat)
Kamea (Charm)
Or (Light)
Hasod (The secret)
Pnuya Leahava (Available for love)
Emuna (Faith)
Avanim Karot (Cold stones)
Rak Ata (Only you)
Venamri ( (Lift-off )
Olam Meshagea (Crazy world)
Levad (Alone)
Bamoadon (In the club)
Shelcha Lanetzach (yours forever)
Lu Yehi ( Let it be)
Chagiga - Remix