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  • Commenoration of Israeli Cinema Issue
    Commenoration of Israeli Cinema Issue

Commenoration of Israeli Cinema Issue

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Collector's item, Limited Edition Full color high quality print issue - a tribute to the advancements of Israeli Cinema.

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ACHIEVEMENTS OF ISRAELI CINEMA+The Israeli experience and the cormplex, raging, exciting, ironic and fascinating fabric of life that is unique to us is expressed emotionally in Israeli cinema. Israeli cinema an important component in the cultural discourse in Israel and it has been awarded a place of honor among the Israeli arts.+Israeli cinema is the most contemporary, available and popular means of expression in Israeli culture. Israeli feature films are ambassadors for Israel throughout the world and they open lines of communication with peoples of the region, with the Jewish people in the Diaspora and with nations the world over.+Hundreds of noteworthy creators have contributed to Israeli culture through the creation of Israeli feature films: directors, actors, writers, newspaper reporters, producers, screenwriters, photographers, editors, artistic designers, soundtrack designers and technicians. The abilitylo portray the characteristics of the multi- cultural society that is Israel, as well as the uniqueness of each culture represented by those who gathered here and to bring them to the screen in a talented and sensitive manner is the cornerstone of creating Israeli cinema.+The past few years have been very special for Israeli cinema in both the local and international realms. The Israeli audience has proven its love and faith in Israeli cinema and the number of filmgoers increases from year to year. Israeli films participate in hundreds of film festivals throughout the world and win the most important awards. Millions of tickets have been sold in recent years for Israeli films in movie theaters around the globe and residents of Paris, London, New York and other major cities may choose among an offering of Israeli films. Its success abroad is proof of Israeli cinema’s ability to touch and to affect.

Israeli films are diverse, bold and also popular. Israeli cinema has successfully found unique voice and has touched the hearts and souls of the general audience. +Katriel Schory
CEO Israel Film Fund