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  • Complete 2007 Stamp Collection
    Complete 2007 Stamp Collection
  • Complete 2007 Stamp Collection
    Complete 2007 Stamp Collection
  • Complete 2007 Stamp Collection
    Complete 2007 Stamp Collection
  • Complete 2007 Stamp Collection
    Complete 2007 Stamp Collection
  • Complete 2007 Stamp Collection
    Complete 2007 Stamp Collection
  • Complete 2007 Stamp Collection
    Complete 2007 Stamp Collection
  • Complete 2007 Stamp Collection
    Complete 2007 Stamp Collection

Complete 2007 Stamp Collection


Stamps Tell Stories... This collection includes all of the stamps that were issued during the course of the year 2007. An explanatory leaflet is also included describing the stamps in Hebrew and English. Packed in a Gift Stamp Album.

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that will enhance their ability to reintegrate into society upon their release. Founded in May 1948 upon the establishment of the State, the Service began as a branch of the Israel Police. Soon afterward, however, a decision was made to separate the Service from the police and from January 1949 onward it has functioned as an independent body.

Dance in Israel
A question arose in the late 19th century: What do we dance in the renewed Israel? With the emergence of modern dance in Europe after the First World War, known as the Dance of Expression, modern artistic dance also began to blossom in the Jewish community of Eretz Israel.
The series includes four stamps: Classical Ballet, Modern Dance, Folk Dance and Ethnic Dance.+Festivals 2007 – Women in the Bible
The Bible reflects a patriarchal society in which the status of women is secondary to that of men from a sociological and legal standpoint. Nevertheless, women are not depicted as inferior to men morally or intellectually. The biblical narrative portrays a significant number of women as impressive figures who reveal intelligence, initiative and courage, many of whom also exert influence over the destiny of the entire Israelite nation. Miriam, Yael and Esther are three examples of such women.

In September 1907, an underground security organization named ‘Bar-Giora was formed in Jaffa. This was the first organization with a comprehensive national-territorial-security viewpoint whose goal was to defend the Jewish national enterprise in Eretz Israel. During Passover of 1909 members of Bar-Giora founded Hashomer (the Guard) at Kfar Tavor. Bar-Giora and its successor, Hashomer, operated for a total of 13
years. Although they were small organizations numerically, they left their mark on the history of the Jewish community in Eretz Israel.

Moroccan Jewry Salute the Royal Family – Rabbi Chalom Messas
The Jewish community in the Kingdom of Morocco is ancient, its history entwined with that of the Jews. Jewish emigrants from Morocco, wherever they may be, continue to admire and cherish the country and its monarchy for their concern toward the Jews. Rabbi Chalom Messes (1909-2003) is regarded as one of the major rabbinical Halachic scholars of the Moroccan Jewish community during the 20th century, active in Israel and Morocco.

IsraelReserve Force – Israel’s Elite
The foundations of the Israel Defense Force’s Reserve Force were laid in 1949-1950 when the IDF itself was being developed. The Reserve Force constitutes a significant component of the strength and power of the IDF and a central part of its resilience. The power of this force stems not only from its scope but more essentially from the quality of its manpower. The Reserve Force was and remains a vital element in times of war and in ongoing security operations, with the events of the past year providing a vivid reminder of its importance.

My Own Stamp – Blue and White (definitive stamp)
The Blue and White stamp was issued in honor of Israel’s 60th anniversary. This stamp, in addition to its usual function as an official postal stamp, has also been designated as part of the My Own Stamp project, thereby joining the other eight available made-to-order personalized stamp sheets.

Medicinal Herbs and Spices (definitive series)
The use of herbs and medicinal plants in Eretz Israel is mentioned frequently in the Bible and the Talmud, playing an important role in rituals and in daily life. Indigenous herbs have regained popularity in Israel in recent years. Alongside increased use of these herbs, their cultivation has grown into an important branch of agricultural export.
The stamps in the series are Bay Leaves and Wild Thyme. The first stamps in this series were issued in December 2006 and include: thyme leaved savory, coriander and peppermint.

Cinemas in Eretz Israel
In the early 1900’s there were, in a number of towns in Eretz Israel, a few sheds and temporary structures in which silent movies were screened. The building of modern cinema theaters in permanent stone structures started in earnest in the late 1920’s, reaching its peak in the mid 1950’s. Since the mid 1980’2 most cinemas are hidden away inside shopping malls and entertainment centers.
The stamps in the series are:
Eden Cinema, Tel-Aviv - Built in 1914 and regarded by most as the first modern cinema in Eretz Israel. Closed down in 1974. Mograbi Cinema, Tel-Aviv - Opened in 1930, closed down in 1986.

Rabbi Itzhak Kaduri
Rabbi Itzhak Kaduri (1902-2006) immigrated to Eretz Israel from Iraq in 1922 or thereabouts and settled in Jerusalem. Rabbi Kaduri was known as The Elder Sage Kabbalist and was a renowned as a scholar wise in the most hidden secrets and ways of the Kabbalah and as one whose blessings and prayers for individuals and for the public at large were well received in heaven.
His powers and greatness were attested to by the tens of thousands of people from every walk of life, ethnic group and shade of opinion who appeared at his doorstep to receive his blessing in times of trouble and distress.

Hula Nature Reserve
The Hula Valley has always been an important way station for migrating birds shuttling between Europe and Africa. In 1951 Israellaunched the Hula reclamation project. In 1964 the land was officially proclaimed as Israel’s first nature reserve – The Hula Reserve. The reserve represents most of the habitats which existed in the lake and swamp prior to the reclamation, however some species have been irretrievably lost, including some of the endemic ones.+Gestures of Family Love
Our primary relationships within our nuclear families – parents and siblings – shape our lives. Human warmth, affection, good feelings and positive dynamics within this unit shed precious light upon the rest of our lives. Human gestures and body language are the place where heart and soul come together and may serve us well in our striving for
human unity, harmony and positive dynamics.
The three stamps in the series are:
To Mom with Love
Fun with Dad
Little Brother – a Lot of Love

Noah’s Ark
The story of the Great Flood, as related in the Book of Genesis, is one of the Bible’s best known narratives. The Great Flood story established a number of symbols which are now enshrined in our cultural heritage. Thus, for instance, the rainbow is an expression
of hope and promise for a better future and the dove with its olive branch has become a symbol of peace.