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  • Complete 2008 Stamp Collection
    Complete 2008 Stamp Collection
  • Complete 2008 Stamp Collection
    Complete 2008 Stamp Collection
  • Complete 2008 Stamp Collection
    Complete 2008 Stamp Collection
  • Complete 2008 Stamp Collection
    Complete 2008 Stamp Collection
  • Complete 2008 Stamp Collection
    Complete 2008 Stamp Collection

Complete 2008 Israel Stamp Collection

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Stamps Tell Stories... This collection includes all of the stamps that were issued during the course of the year 2008. An explanatory leaflet is also included describing the stamps in Hebrew and English. Packed in a Gift Stamp Album.

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The Story of Israel Through the 2008 Stamps +Tel aviv centennial- Nahum Gutman
The stamps in this souvenir sheet depict scenes of life in ahuzat bayit, the neighborhood that preceded in Tel Aviv. Nahum Gutman's sketches of ahuzat bayit were originally in black and white. The stamps are based on color postcards painted by the artist.

Jerusalem of Gold
The Israeli public first heard Naomi Shemer's song 'Jerusalem of Gold' at the close of independence day 1967. Genuine 22 karat gold is integrated into the printed souvenir sheet.

Children paint Israel's 60th
The stamps that were chosen are faithful representations of the fact that the students of Israel see the state as their home and that they pray along with the rest of us, for days of joy and light.

Gush Katif
Gush Katif- was an area of Jewish towns in the Gaza region for nearly 35 years. From 1970 to 2005. the nearly 9000 residents of its 21 towns were relocated from their homes in August 2005 following the decision made by the Israeli government.

The Olympic games – Beijing 2008
Tennis, swimming. Sailing laser radial, rhythmic gymnastics On August 8, 2008 the Israeli delegation marched in the Olympic Games opening ceremony for the fourteenth time with the nation's top athletes fulfilling their dream of becoming members of the Olympic delegation, hoping for victory and national pride.

Promenades in Israel
Capernaum – tabgha, sea of Galilee, Armon Hanatziv, Jerusalem, Rishonim, Natanya.
Promenades have been constructed in many places throughout Israel, allowing visitors to enjoy their free time and take pleasure in viewing unique landscape.

Rabbis: Forerunners of Zionisim
Rabbi Shmuel mohliwere, Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Kalischer, in the mid 19th century some well known Jews began to voice their views encouraging the revival of the Jewish people in their historical homeland, Zion. The call of those who heralded Zionism was not successful in spurring the Jewish community into action at that time, however, the ideas that the raised led to the founding of the 'Hibbat Zion' movement some twenty years later.

Festivals 2008- Torah Crowns
Torah Crowns- turkey, Poland and Aden. The torah crown and scroll handles are the earliest of the torah ornaments.

Medicinal herbs and spices
Tree wormwood and three-lobbed sage: Indigenous herbs have regained popularity in Israel in recent years. Alongside increased use of these herbs, the cultivation of them has developed into an important export branch.

60 years of friendship between Israel and France- joint issue
These stamps commemorate the 60th anniversary of the first fight from Israel to France and of the state of Israel's independence. That flight symbolizes the beginning of the ties and cooperation that exist between the tow countries in many areas. Above all, in represents the close and friendly relations between the tow countries and their peoples.

Galei Zahal
On Sunday 24 September, 1950 a trumpet blast erupted from the radio at precisely 06:30 P.M, followed Hatikva, Israel's national anthem. Thus began the very first broadcast of Galei Zahal, the IDF broadcast service. The station is unique in that it incorporates soldiers serving in the regular army into journalistic positions.

Central bureau of statistics – 2008 census of population
The Central bureau of statistics is the main national body responsible for collection, analysis amd publication of data and information related to demographic, social and economic trends in Israel. The 2008 Population census was conducted using unique statistical methods. The census eased the response burden for the public and contributed the economizing on resources in future ongoing censuses.

Taglit- Birthright Israel
Taglit – birthrights Israel is the bridge to Israel for hundreds of thousands of Jewish young aged 18-26. participants from around the world discover Israel for the first time through an educational tour that helps them connect with Israel. Israeli's and their jewish identity.

Ancient Letters
The letter from Ugarit 1230BCE (Canaanite period): Lachish letters 589 BCE (First temple period) Bar Kochva letters 134 CE (Bar Kochva Uprising). The three stamps in this series depict examples of ancient letters discovered at archeological sites that shed light on important chapters in the history of Eretz Israel

International holocaust Remembrance Day
Joint issue with the United Nation
In November 2005 the United Nations General Assembly adopted resolution 60/7 designating January 27 as an annual international Day of Commemoration in memory of the victims of the holocaust and rejecting any denial of the holocaust as an historical event.