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  • Complete 2009 Israel Postal Service Stamp Collection
    Complete 2009 Israel Postal Service Stamp Collection

Complete 2009 Israel Postal Service Stamp Collection

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Stamps Tell Stories... This collection includes all of the stamps that were issued during the course of the year 2009. An explanatory leaflet is also included describing the stamps in Hebrew and English. Packed in a Gift Stamp Album.

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Sports and the global activities of Maccabi World Union, the Games’ organizational parent Maccabiah Chai (in Hebrew numerology 18 means Life!) forges an important new link in Zionist history+Virtual Communication
The Virtual Communication stamp series presents three technological breakthroughs that were developed in Israel and have become household tools throughout the worId. These products embody the immense capabilities of Israel’s elite technology industry and the innovativeness of Israel’s software developers.
Voice over Internet Protocol. The internet was originally designed to transfer computer data thus a special application that would allow the transfer of telephone calls via internet had to be developed.
USB Flash Drive. An innovative device that could be connected to a computer quickly and easily. It was small, reliable and enabled unlimited expansion of the scope of memory.
Instant Messaging Software. An innovative system called ICQ.+Animal Assisted Therapy
The connection between human beings and the animal kingdom is imprinted in the collective unconscious and molds our emotional world. The new field of Animal Assisted Therapy utilizes this connection to further human wellbeing.
Many studies geared toward examining the unique therapeutic effect of animals (the ‘instrument) indicate the direct and indirect effects of this connection on a patient’s emotional, social and physiological state.The integration of animals into educational, treatment and rehabilitative frameworks is accelerating.+Festivals 2009 - Honey in Israel
Eretz Israel was said to be a Land Flowing with Milk and Honey. The stamp series depicts the sweet delicacy’s journey from the flower in the field to people’s tables.The stamp tabs depid important milestones in the raising of honeybees in Israel.
Archeological excavations inTel Rehov in the Beth-Shean Valley have recently unearthed beehives used in the ancient beekeeping industry dating to the period of the Israelite monarchy in the 10th-9th centuries BCE. The hives, made of elongated mud cylinders, are the only ones discovered to date in archeological excavations of The Ancient Near East.
In 188, Reuven Lerer, founder of the town of Ness Ziona, re-established the raising of bees among the Jewish settlers of Eretz Israel. Today, the raising of bees constitutes an important agricultural field in Israel, providing income for hundreds of growers.+75 Years of the Leumit Health Fund
Leumit Health Fund was founded at the height of the British Mandate period in Eretz Israel by a group of doctors whose goal was to provide medical services for local residents, In 1934, when still in its infancy, the Fund had 35 insured members. Today, with 700,000 insured members who reflect a cross-section of Israeli society’s ethnic and soclo-economic sectors, Leumit continues to adhere to the principles of service and high quality personal service.+Lighthouses in Israel
The stamps in the series depict three of the lighthouses built along Israel’s southern Mediterranean coastline:The Jaffa lighthouse was initially erected in 1865 as part of operations carried out by Turkish authorities to improve the port facilities. TheTel-Aviv lighthouse was built in the 1930’s on the beach to the north ofTel-Aviv, adjacent to the Yarkon Estuary.The Ashdod lighthouse was erected in the 1960’s as part of the construction of the port facilities.+Maritime Archeology in Israel
Remains from ancient cultures are abundant along the coastline of Eretz Israel. These remains are material evidence of the activity of the diverse civilizations which inhabited these shores over thousands of years.
The sailors customarily carried talismans and figurines and held religious rituals while at sea. The variety of anchors discovered along our shores demonstrates the complete development of these anchors. Fleets landing on the shores of Erect Israel left various weapons. The bustling ports were the scene of import and export of raw materials, tools foodstuffs and luxuries which were transported in earthenware jugs called amphoras.+The Yiddish Theater lasi 1876 Joint Issue Israel-Romania
This joint issue marks the beginning of the Jewish theater in lasi Romania in 1876 and the lifework of the theater's founder, Abraham Goldfaden: a poet and father of the Jewish theater. His troupe gave rise to many other theater troupes which frequently made use of his repertoire, including plays such as: The Witch, The Two Kuni-Lemls and Shmendrik (The Comical Wedding). Goldfaden travelled throughout Europe, Russia, the Ukraine and America with his troupe. The original theater he created filled the community’s needs and impacted the artistic development of the Jewish and Hebrew theaters as they came into being. Many of his plays continue to be produced in Israel and in Jewish theaters throughout the world."