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Buy one of our custom designed jewelry by ancient craftsmanship & own a piece of history.

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The amulet is designed to promote the healing of soul and body of its owner.
The Hebrew inscription on this Persian amulet consists of the 22-Letter Name, which is said to be equivalent to the 22 first letters of the Priestly Blessing.
Amulets protected the wearer, his family and possessions from natural disaster, spells and evil spirits. Some served to cure diseases or barrenness. Others guarded the wearer in his travels, ensured blessings and success, or aroused goodwill or love.
The power of amulets lay in the names and formulas of the Divine Name inscribed on them. The names were written in combinations, abbreviations, codes or acrostics of biblical verses. For extra protection the name of the owner was sometimes added.
15 cm/ 6 inch
  • Genre: Archeological Bookmarks