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Replica of a silver coin circa 28-27 B.C.E. displaying the profile of the Phoenician god Melqarth.

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This silver Shekel, minted in 28-27 at Tyre, is one of a hoard of 561 silver coins that were found during the excavations at Qumran.
The ruins of Qumran, the archaeological site located nearest the caves and thought by most scholars to be a sectarian settlement of the scrolls authors, were first excavated in the mid-1940s by a team led by Roland de Vaux. Within one of the rooms, excavator de Vaux discovered a hoard of 561 silver coins which had been stored in three pots. The hoard was almost entirely of Tyrian tetradrachmas, like the one illustrated here. These coins were minted in the Phoenician capital city of Tyre between the years 137/36 and 126/25 BCE.
The profile illustrated on the face of this coin is the god of the Phoenicians named Melqarth (or Baal), whose Hellenized form of name is Heracles or Heracles. On the reverse side is an eagle with a palm branch at the shoulder and a Greek inscription dating the coin. Around this is the inscription in Greek "Of holy, sanctuary-providing Tyre".
15 cm/ 6 inch