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  • Israel Textile and Fashion Industry Issue
    Israel Textile and Fashion Industry Issue

Israel Textile and Fashion Industry Issue

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Collector's item, Limited Edition The Textile and Fashion Industry in Israel is commemorated beautifully by this brilliantly designed stamp issue. This bright drawing is a essential part of any stamp collectors collection.Full color high quality print.

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The Textile and Fashion Industry is one of the oldest industries in Israel. Throughout the years Israel’s industry has succeeded in implementing novel and advanced technologies and has invested in research and development in ordeto develop new products for innovative uses and for unique niches in which Israel’s industry has added value. It is worth noting innovative developments in the undergarment industry for women and men, seamless items, home textiles (sheets, bedspreads, carpets, etc). which are positioned in the upper intermediate market in the USA, the growth of the 43 various technical material branches which mainly include non-woven materials and ballistic protection sheets, upholstery, ventilated suits and so forth. The number of fash on stores have increased and are now specialized according to the following categories: men’s, women’s, children’s fashion and out-size fashions.+The field of design has greatly developed and a wide variety of Israeli designer clothes are available in Israel and abroad. Many chain stores marketing Israeli fashion have been opened throughout the world. Israeli textile is sold in over 100 leading international department stores: Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Marks & Spencer, The Gap, Hema BV, Sears, Wal-Mart, Donna Karan, Nike, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Victoria’s Secret, Tommy Hilfiger and many other renown stores for which we take pride. Israel exports textile to 114 countries.+The scope of yearly exports in this industry totals about 1.2 billion dollars of which is exported to the USA. Current production categories are: undergarments, home textiles, security textiles, swimwear, sports, fashion wear, dye-works, knits, fabrics.

The information was provided by the Textile and Fashion Industries Association at the Manufacturers Association of Israel.