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  • Jerusalem: The Star of David
    Jerusalem: The Star of David

Jerusalem: The Star of David

Jerusalem: The Star of David could only be created using words describing the rebuilt Jerusalem...
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Jerusalem: The Star of David could only be created using words describing the rebuilt Jerusalem. The Temple soars upwards, pulsing in the center, the heart, of Jerusalem. Ellen Miller Braun created this piece, The Star of David, using the powerful words of Isaiah 62:1 in its heart: 'For the sake of Zion I will not be still, until her righteousness goes forth like radiance, and her salvation like a burning torch. I have set watchmen upon the walls. O Jerusalem, who shall never hold their peace day or night. You make mention of the L-rd, take no rest and give Him not rest until He establishes and until He makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth.'

These words of Isaiah are written 5 times creating, as it were, a hand, the hand of the Holy One Blessed be He, holding the heart of Jerusalem in His palm.

In beautiful shades of blues, purples and sunset pinks, the Star of David radiates renewed strength using the praising songs from Psalms 122 and 126. Each Psalm is written 9 times equaling 18, which in Jewish numerology is 'Chai,' life: Jerusalem being the heart and life of the Jewish people and all nations, indeed, the 'center of the world.'

Psalms 122: We must never forget Jerusalem, our spiritual home, and we must constantly recall and cherish the memories of the House of G-d.

'A Song of Ascents by David. I was glad when they said to me, Let me go into the House of the L-rd: when our feet stood still within your gates O Jerusalem. Jerusalem that is built like a city which is entirely concentrated within itself! For these tribes went up, tribes of the L-rd, an appointed practice for Israel, to give thanks to the Name of the L-rd. For there are set thrones of judgment, the thrones of the House of David. PRAY FOR THE PEACE OF JERUSALEM. THOSE WHO LOVE YOU SHALL ENJOY SERENITY. PEACE BE WITHIN YOUR WALLS AND SERENITY WITHIN YOUR PALACES. For my brethren and companion's sake, I will wish that PEACE BE WITH YOU. FOR THE SAKE OF THE HOUSE OF THE L-RD, OUR G-D, I WILL SEEK YOUR GOOD.'

May this wish of personal peace benefit all those who join Israel in praying for the Peace of Jerusalem. Jerusalem will blossom with the construction of the House of the L-rd on Mount Moriah, radiating outward, strengthening the peace and future of Israel and all mankind.

Psalms 126: This Psalm voices the hope of our ultimate return to Zion when our tears of sorrow will become tears of joy.

'A song of ascents. When the L-rd brings about the return of Zion we will have been like dreamers. Then our mouths will fill with laughter and our tongue with joyous song. Then they will say among the nations 'The L-rd has done great things for them.' The L-rd has done great things for us. We will rejoice. Return, L-rd, our exiles like streams in the desert. Those who sow in tears will reap with joy. He who walks along weeping carrying a bag of seed, shall return joyously carrying his sheaves.'

Outlining the Star are 3 spiritually uplifting quotes:

On the lower and middle left side: Ani Ma'amin: 'I Believe with perfect faith in the coming of the Messiah. And although he may tarry, I will wait daily for his coming.' Written 4 times, this verse is from Maimonides Principles. The number 4 equals the 4th Hebrew letter, Daled, also known as dalet, delet: door. May our continued faith open the doors to heaven and our prayers for the coming of Messiah and may the rebuilding of Jerusalem be heard and answered soon in our days.

Zacaraia 8:3: Outlining the top left of the Star of David, written once, representing the strength of the one and only G-d:

'Thus says the L-rd, I have returned to Zion and will live in the midst of Jerusalem, and Jerusalem shall be called The City of Truth, and the mountain of the L-rd of hosts, The Holy Mountain.'

Psalms 27:4: Also written once, outlining the top right-hand side of the Star:

'One thing I ask from the L-rd, one thing I desire: That I may dwell in the House of the L-rd all the days of my life. To behold the pleasantness of the L-rd and meditate in His Temple.'

May all the verses that bind together here to create this inspiring Star of David, bind all of the nations together in prayer and desire for Jerusalem. May we see Her shine and glory, rebuilt soon in our days. Amen.

Ellen Miller Braun was born and educated in Chicago Illinois, U.S.A. She studied fine arts at Northeastern Illinois University. An ardent Zionist, Ellen immigrated to Israel with her husband and children in 1983. They live in Ginot Shomron, in the Biblical hills of Samaria. Ellen's traditionally observant Jewish background has guided and inspired her in the development of the Biblical themes of her artwork.

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