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  • Rabin Song of Peace poster Poster
    Rabin Song of Peace poster Poster

Rabin Song of Peace poster Poster

No Longer Available
This poster is a copy of a page found on rabin's jacket on the day that he died.
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Product Information
Perfect for dressing up any wall, or instantly creating a theme for a room. Images look great on this high-quality poster, printed on heavyweight 7 mil semi-gloss paper using superior dye inks. Image size 13 X 19 (33 cm X 48 cm).

Treat yourself or give as a gift.The note read:During Rabin's Funeral Eitan Haber read this Eulogy and explained:' In the hospital, after the doctors and nurses had cried, they handed me the paper which they found in your jacket pocket. Again, the page was folded into four equal parts, as always. Now, I want to read some of the words from the paper, but it is difficult for me. Your blood, your blood Yitzhak, covers the printed words. Your blood on the page of 'The Song of Peace'. This is the blood which ran out of your body in the final moments of your life and onto the paper between the lines and the words. From this red page, from the blood which screams out to you, I would now like to read these words, which seem like they were written only yesterday. After you sang there, and after you and peace were shot. This is the page: 'Let the sun rise/ And give the morning light, The purest prayer/ Will not bring us back He whose candle was snuffed out/ And was buried in the dust A bitter cry won't wake him/ Won't bring him back Nobody will return us/ From the dead dark pit Here -- neither the victory cheer/ Nor songs of praise will help So -- sing only a song for peace/ Do not whisper a prayer Better sing a song for peace/ With a big shout.' Yitzhak, we already miss you.