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  • Shirion - Armor Corps
    Shirion - Armor Corps

Shirion - Armor Corps


18 - The number 18 in Jewish numerology is ''Chai'' - Life.

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Psalms 18 ::: Shirion - Armor Corps+18 - The number 18 in Jewish numerology is 'Chai' - Life. Ellen Miller Braun has written Psalms 18 three times to create this powerful piece. Three repetitions are called a 'Chazaka' - strength, permanence. For this piece, this represents the miracle of the survival of the Jewish People and the Jewish State. This miracle given to us by the strength and protection of Hashem. May we continue to sing HaShem's praises. Amen. This piece is a clear indication of military strength. The Israeli Army. The army can only get it's strength and success from HaShem. Psalms 18 is a prayer of David - a song of thanks to HaShem for his delivery from the hands of all his enemies. David depicts HaShem as he 'rode upon a Kerub' and 'did fly and soared on the wings of the wind.' 'HaShem is a shield to those who trust in Him.' David also sings that G-d girded him with strength and teaches his hands war so that a bow of brass is bent in his arms. HaShem has girded David with strength to the battle and lifted him above those who rose up against him, above the violent man. David sings praises to HaShem for his deliverance and for the steadfast love HaShem shows him, 'David, and to his seed evermore.' May we, the People of Israel, and Tzahal - the Israeli Defense Forces, remain steadfast against our enemies, with Hashem guiding us always. The following segments/words have been written slightly larger, once, during the creation of this tank:

    Psalms 18:17: He delivered me from my strong enemy and from those who hated me. 18:30: Troop 18:31: Shield 18:35: He teaches my hands to war A bow of brass is bent in my arms 18:38: I have pursued my enemies and overtaken them. 18:40: for Thou has girded me with strength to the battle.

This piece is dedicated to the many men and women who have fallen, giving their lives so that we may live. May their memories be a blessing…. +Ellen Miller Braun was born and educated in Chicago Illinois, U.S.A. She studied fine arts at Northeastern Illinois University. An ardent Zionist, Ellen immigrated to Israel with her husband and children in 1983. They live in Ginot Shomron, in the Biblical hills of Samaria. Ellen's traditionally observant Jewish background has guided and inspired her in the development of the Biblical themes of her artwork.

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