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  • Tefillin - Phylactery - Calligraphy Print
    Tefillin - Phylactery - Calligraphy Print

Tefillin - Phylactery - Calligraphy Print

Tefillin (phylactery) are described as an \'\'Ote\'\' (a sign) of the covenant between Hashem - G-d - and Israel.
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The entire 36th chapter of Ezekiel is written repeatedly. The depiction is of the sounding of the Shofar, bringing forth branches and fruit, wheat and corn, fields tilled and sown, and the ruined places rebuilt by the nations. The fig tree symbolizes the return and rooting of the Jewish People, cleansed and pure of heart and spirit, into the Land of our Fathers.

Ellen Miller Braun was born and educated in Chicago Illinois, U.S.A. She studied fine arts at Northeastern Illinois University. An ardent Zionist, Ellen immigrated to Israel with her husband and children in 1983. They live in Ginot Shomron, in the Biblical hills of Samaria. Ellen\'s traditionally observant Jewish background has guided and inspired her in the development of the Biblical themes of her artwork.

  • Genre: Calligraphy
  • Size (cm): 42 X 29.5
  • Size (Inch): 16 1/2 Inch X 11 3/4 Inch