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What is Bulletproof Kevlar Protection, one of the leading sellers of Israelproducts, has added to its Military & Outdoor Gear section, a wide range of leading bullet proof vest for sale.  Amongst the products offered in this section are a collection of exclusive bulletproof vests, manufactured according to the highest of Israeli Defense Force standards.

What separates the bulletproof jackets for sale on and other lightweight bullet proof vests available on other sites?  The answer is the quality of the Kevlar vest, which stems from the unique material they are made from – Kevlar.

Kevlar is a synthetic para-aramid fiber first developed in the mid-1960’s by DuPont.  Originally used in the early 1970’s in racing tires, this type of fiber soon was used in bicycle tires and racing sails in addition to body armor.

Bulletproof Jacket

Bulletproof Jacket prides itself on offering concealed vests that are of the highest quality and made from materials such as Kevlar, which are known throughout the world for their exceptional properties in offering the best protection possible.

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