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Tallit Prayer Shawl Blessing

Tallit Prayer Shawl

Tallit Prayer Shawl

When a person uses the Tallit he says a blessing before donning it. The blessing is to thank God for blessing us with His commandments and commanded us to wear Tsitsit (fringes) on our garments.
The Tallit (prayer shawl) is the visible symbol of the Word of God. It is a demonstration of the position and personal love that is transferred when the a mantle passes from generation to generation. In subsequent generations, the term “passing

the mantle” has come to mean transfer ring authority. A related concept is the anointing of one leader by the elder, Usually from one generation to the next.


Tallit Blessing in Hebrew

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Tallit Blessing Transliteration


“Baruch atta Ado-noy Elo-hai-nu Melech ha’olam asher kid-sha-nu b’mitz-vo-tav v’tzi-vanu al mitzvat tzitzit”


Tallit Blessing Translation

“Blessed are you, Lord our G‑d, King of the universe, who has sanctified us with His commandments, and commanded us concerning the mitzvah of tzitzit”


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