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Kabbalah symbols in today’s Israeli Jewelry

The teachings of the Kabbalah have made a significant impact on the world and in Israel in particular.  With a growing number of Kabbalah inspired objects, the Kabbalah has been introduced to the world of jewelry accessories which now enjoys a growing popularity.

In response to the growing demand of Kabbalah inspired pieces, Israeli jewelry designers have given special attention to Kabbalah’s symbols and have integrated them into a wide range of designed accessories.  Which symbols can you find in Kabbalah jewelry?

Israeli jewelry designers often use mainstream Jewish “protection” symbols such as the Star of David and with symbols that are exclusive to the Kabbalah including the Markaba, 72 Names and quotations from sacred Kabbalsit texts. The designers usually study the world of Kabbalah so they can incorporate the symbols appropriately. In Israeli jewelry designs, you’ll see an array of Kabbalah jewelry accessories that use several motifs to give the wearer protection and good fortune. Other accessories are designed for certain purposes such as love, success or fertility.

Now let us take a closer look at several prominent motifs in Kabbalah Jewelry

Star of David and Merkaba

According to the Kabbalah some detailed structures/forms generate unique energetic fields. The Star of David is thought to be one such protective amulet due to the hexagram shape that points toward the six directions of Earth (see star of David necklace).  While the Star of David is widely used Jewish symbol, the Merkaba (also written Merkabah, Markaba, Markava, Merkava) is exclusive to the Kabbalah. So what is a Merkaba? The Star of David, when it’s three-dimensional, is called the Merkaba.   Due to its special structure, it’s thought to release spiritual energies that enhance positive changes in life.

The 72 Names of God

ALD Pendant

ALD Pendant

There are numerous Kabbalah jewelry pieces that have Hebrew words and letters inscribed in them that have a Kabbalist meaning behind them. These inscriptions are powerful Kabbalist tools that serve as mediators between the material world and the spiritual one. One of these tools is the 72 Names of God. The 72 Names of God are consisted of 72 three letter sequences.  The 72 Names of God are believed to allow people to get closer to finding life’s love, happiness and prosperity and all the joys in life.

Each of the 72 Names has its own special energy and quality and they are used accordingly. You’ve might have come across some Hebrew inscribed Kabbalah jewelry that includes the three-letter sequence: Aleph-Dalet-Lamed. Aleph-Dalet-Lamed is thought to banish the Evil Eye by battling the negative energies and bringing in positive ones instead. The Kabbalah goes in depth about the negative and powerful effects that ill will or jealous stare can bring to a person’s life. It’s for that reason special consideration is given to these symbols that are thought to battle the unwanted influences.

Kabbalah Red String

Kabbalah Red String

Kabbalah Red String

Red String is another Kabbalah symbol used to ward off the evil eye.   The red string is   a popular Kabbalah bracelet usually worn on the left wrist.  The original Red String is very simple and comes from Rachel’s Tomb near Bethlehem. Rachel gave birth to Jacob and is considered a Hebrew biblical matriarch.

Inspired by the red string, contemporary Israeli designers have created a wide selection of red Kabbalah bracelets in unique designs. Many of these Kabbalah bracelets will feature the red string motif while adding other motifs that are thought to exile the Evil Eye such as the Hamsa Hand and Aleph-Dalet-Lamed.

Ana BeKoach

Ana-BeKoach Ring

Ana-BeKoach Ring

This is a well-known Jewish prayer that is thought o have mystical qualities.  It’s thought that Ana BeKoach was written by Kabbalist Rabbi Nehunia Ben Hakannah two thousand years ago. The prayer has even made its way into mainstream Judaism. The rabbi wrote the Ana Bekoach prayer because he feared the day would arrive that believes would lose their faith and spirituality. The prayer was written using the first letter of every word based on the order of the 42 letter name for God. In the prayer, the speaker asks God for the redemption of the Jewish people.


  • Wow Eran Cool Article – I never knew Kabbalah thinking was making such inroads into everyday life. Gives hope for the future!

    • Some things never change – it turns out that even in the 21st century – there’s a need for protection from the unknown – this time, knowledge isn’t just the property of a chosen few – Kabbalah contributes to spread the knowledge to whoever wants to receive it…

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