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Star of David Necklace a Fashion Statement

In recent years the humble Magen David or Star of David Necklace has had a renaissance among  Israel’s world class Art Jewelry designers, For those who don’t know, the Six-pointed star has been the symbol or Jews and Israel for millenia. As it is associated with “old fashion” Judaism and synagogue art, it was long shunned by Israel’s distinctly Avant-Guarde Fashion Jewelry industry.  These same artisans are rediscovering this iconic symbol, and presenting it in new, but still valid ways.

Many contemporary Israeli Jewelry Designers are incorporating Stars of David in their own modern yet still spiritual designs.

The artisans of Tel Aviv’s Mizze studio combine traditional materials with up to date motifs to produce jewelry, including Star of David  pendants, that are designed to thrill and bring luck to the wearer.

Adina Plastelina studio among their secular and nature inspired designs, produce many pieces with Hamsa, Chai, Star of David designs, using their technique in Gold, Silver and Polymer clay. Adina Plastelina Studio, founded in 2003, uses the ancient Technique, Millefiori and the modern material, Polymer Clay to produce unique Art Nouveau  Jewelry, featuring motifs of animals, botany, and spiritual themes.

The Noa studio combines Stars of David with hearts and other design elements, in precious metals and Jade, Opal, and Elat stone to produce exciting, romantic distinctly Israeli Jewelry items. The Noa Jewelry Studio produces a special selection of romantic jewelry items by traditional methods in Silver, Gold, as well as, Precious and Semi-precious stones. Their Star of David Selections are among the most innovative and sought after on the market.

Michal Kirat is the world leader in designing Jewelry incorporating ancient glass made by  Roman craftsmen 2000 years ago and found Star of David by Michal Kiratin the lands they ruled including Israel. She has taken the synthesis of old and new to a very special level, incorporating bits of  Roman Glass into here innovative modern designs, including Star of David Necklaces.

Many Celebrities around the world, Jewish or not have been seen wearing Stars of David as a Fashion statement of considerable personal significance. Just Like Madonna popularized the “Red String” and other Kabala Motif  accessories, Stars like Britney Spears and Super Model Bar Raphaeli are popularizing the Star of David as a high fashion accessory that is not specifically “Jewish”.



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