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Hebrew Name Meanings

There is currently much interest among Jews and Christians in Hebrew names. A Hebrew name is generally speaking a name written and spoken in the Hebrew language. Names in Hebrew as we have come to understand them are either from Biblical or other Jewish texts or from nature (Geography, Flora and Fauna). Some traditional Biblical names for Christians and Jews are Rachel = רחל, Jacob = יעקב, Benjamin = בִּנְיָמִין Efram and Efron. Here are some Hebrew names from the richness of the Language: Bethel / Bethany / ….= Beit El/ beit Hania, Zvi = Gazelle, Ari = Lion/Leon, Mazal = Luck, Simcha = Joy, Sela = Stone/Stein, Rose / Varda = Vered, lily = Shoshana. Sometimes Hebrew/Jewish names just sound like the secular counterpart like Susan = Shoshana.
Hebrew names have also been derived from the various languages of the Jewish Diaspora (Yiddish, Ladino, and Aramaic) In fact, Hebrew names have been derived from names in languages as diverse as Persian, Greek, Acadian, French, German, and Spanish; In Modern Israel and among strictly Orthodox Jews around the world a person’s Hebrew name is his only name. Some examples of these for Christians and Jews alike are: Hersh ,/ Hershelle = zvi/zvia, Esperanza / shprintza / Hope = Tiqva, feivel / Leon / Leo /Leonid = arieh / Ari/ Lavi, Velvel / Wolf / William = Ze’ev Most Jews outside of Israel bear both a Hebrew name, used for Jewish legal and ceremonial purposes and a name in the local language easier to spell and to pronounce.

Many popular names in many languages including English have their origin in the bible so they have direct Hebrew equivalents. Many English names that have meanings can be translated into Hebrew and compared with similar Hebrew names or the name may be transliterated using the Hebrew alphabet as has been done with the now common Hebrew names Esperanza or Alexander. So, in point of fact anyone can have a Hebrew name!

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