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Outstanding body armor is both a stab proof and bullet proof vest

This brand new bullet proof vest for sale represents an exciting advance in body armor.  Take advantage of this special offer to purchase a high protection all-in-one stab proof and bullet proof vest.

For those involved in the security and defense industries, new advances in body armor protection can provide an important edge to their performance.  Usually, those who work in high-risk areas are faced with the dilemma of whether to use bullet proof armor or a stab proof vest.  However, this new Israeli-made model perfectly meshes together robust protection against firearms with the flexibility of a stab vest.  While other models have previously managed to combine both aspects of protection, this is the most comfortable and versatile item of body armor to date, which does not compromise on the level of protection offered.

Although bulletproof armor effectively absorbs the impact of firearms and explosions, the characteristic plates which carry out this job can be heavy, restricting the mobility of those who wear it.  On the other hand, although stab vests tend to rely on special fibers which resist sharp blades, they are typically of limited use against firearms.  This item of body armor takes protection to the next level, by ensuring a perfect balance of the two, resulting in an all-in-one protective item.

What is particularly impressive though is that this stab and bullet proof vest has been designed not only with the highest standards of protection in mind, but also for the maximum comfort of those who wear it.  So, the two ballistic panels positioned at the front and back, are covered with cotton and polyester and are joined by generous Velcro straps, making it possible for the user to adjust the vest for maximum comfort.  The inner design too of this outstanding body armor, is tailored with comfort in mind.  Made from 3D mesh, the material

Bulletproof  & Stab Proof Vest

Bulletproof & Stab Proof Vest

ensures maximum ventilation.  Another important feature of this hybrid stab proof vest and bulletproof armor is that it is a concealed item, which can be easily hidden from view.

Of course, none of this compromises the extremely high level of protection afforded by the vest.  The ballistic plates, which protect against firearms and shrapnel, are made from high tenacity Aramid fibers, coated by polycarbonate layers, which comply with level IIIA protection at minimum weight.  The stab-resistant material is used by leading security agencies across the world and is a level 1 compliant design.  This personal armor guarantees the highest possible level of protection.


All in all, this body armor is the most advanced model currently on the market.  Never before has such a comfortable vest ensured such a high level of bullet proof and stab proof protection.  For all those who work in dangerous roles in the security and defense industries, this is a body armor sale not to be missed.  This is an exclusive offer on a top of the range item, which is set to take body armor design to new heights.


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