Dead Sea Cosmetics, Spotlight|October 9, 2013 9:15 AM

Dead Sea Soap Benefits

Cleansing Dead Sea Mud makes soaps, and skin cleansers better – just DON’T call it DIRT.

The Dead Sea is the world’s largest Natural mineral water Spa Bath. It is at the site of the lowest land on earth not covered by the oceans. Legend has it that King Solomon brought the Queen of Sheba to bathe in its waters and that she ascribed magical rejuvenating powers to having its rich, black mud massaged into her skin; we now understand that this fine mud enters the Dead Sea Soapskin’s pores and removes dirt and oil as well as removing tiny dead skin flakes, leaving the skin silky smooth and impeccably clean.

In this day and age of Instant this – Sanitize that, the very idea of putting mud in soap, shampoo, and facial toner/ Cleansers, is a little difficult the swallow. In reality, colloidal mud have been used for cleaning and polishing for centuries and are still used in industrial polishing, so why not add them products that clean our skin?

Mud from the Dead Sea is Black, very fine and especially rich in a wide variety of beneficial minerals that enrich the skin while healing blemishes and Eczema. These two characteristics combine to make Dead Sea Mud an almost perfect ingredient in cosmetic products designed to deep clean your skin. Dead Sea mineral salts are taken from the sea’s Dead Sea Bath Lotionhealing waters by natural evaporation and used to enrich a variety of cosmetic products. offers the widest selection of natural Dead Sea soaps, shampoos and cleansers enriched with these remarkable
ingredients. The product lines include effective anti-Psoriasis
soaps creams and shampoos especially rich in Dead Sea Minerals. Sea of Spa features a complete line of treatment Dead Sea Natural Soaps with special formulas to treat conditions as diverse as Cellulite, Acne, and Eczema, as well as soaps with natural exfoliates. Both Sea of Spa and Health & Beauty feature Shampoos enriched with Dead Sea Mud that remove excess oil and strengthen and add body to hair. These are just a sample of the exception Dead Sea products available at



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