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Lucky Red String Kabbalah Jewelry

Braided Red String Wrap Bracelet, Gold Kabbalah pendants

One of Mizze Jewelry's pieces of Lucky Red String Kabbalah Jewelry

Most everyone wants to improve their luck – or protect themselves against the ‘evil eye’, and wearing a piece of Kabbalah  jewelry made in Israel is a beautiful way to display these powerful amulets. In Jewish Kabbalah tradition, jewelry made from red strings brings the wearer good luck, good fortune and fortune.

Another popular Kabbalah pendant is the Hamsa or five fingered open “Hand of God“. A version of which is found in many religions’ traditional decorations and jewellry. The Hamsa is a protective amulet that wards off evil and protects the wearer from bad things.

The Hamsa is usually combined with another element, the Protective Eye, which is felt to protect against the ‘evil eye‘ – a run of bad luck. The Eye is also a colorful charm on its own, while a  heart charm is thought to bring Love and friendship. Kabbalistic symbols are also made of acronyms of prayer texts, each with its own powers for blessings, healing and protection.

Jewish Kabbalah jewelry also includes such symbols as the Magen-David, a Menorah, a Mezuzah for spirituality.

On, we are proud to have a wide range of Kabbalah jewelry, from the very basic red string bracelets, to intricate amulet and pendant necklaces and rings. We are excited to announce a new line of Kabbalah jewelry from Israeli jewelry designer Mizze Jewelry. Browse their collection of Lucky Charm Red String Jewelry and wear a piece as a thoughtful daily prayer.

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