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Where can I buy a bullet proof vest?

The simple answer to this question is to decide, what is the best vest for my needs?  Firstly, you should work out exactly why you need to purchase one?  Once that’s clear, you can then find the best bullet proof vest (also known as body armour) to suit you.

Why might I need a bullet proof vest?

There are many reasons why someone might want this level of protection.  From those in the armed forces, to security staff or keen hunters, a bullet resistant vest can be very useful, even life-saving.  However, it is important to note that although it can soften the impact of a bullet, body armour does not always prevent bullet penetration.

So, you must consider your specific needs for purchasing bullet resistant body armour.  The most important calculation is to balance the level of protection that you require with your mobility needs.  Clearly, heavier options which incorporate ballistic plates for example, will provide more comprehensive protection, but will likely weigh you down.  By contrast, a light weight vest allows you to move more freely but with more limited protection.  Clearly when deciding on a bullet proof vest, price is also a consideration.

What is the range of vests and body armour on offer?

In terms of cost, you can find bullet proof jackets for sale from $200 to around $1,000.  The price fluctuates depending on the level of protection.  Level II Kevlar vest will protect against low-powered handguns and some shotgun rounds.  These models are suitable for most civilian needs and are cheaper.  Level IIIA body armor also protects against higher velocity pistols and rifles and is common among combat soldiers.

Bullet proof & Stab Proof Vest

Bullet proof & Stab Proof Vest

Importantly, if you are looking for protection against knives and other close quarter weapons, you will need to purchase a stab vest, rather than a bullet proof vest.  While a bullet proof vest is designed to soften the blow of a bullet, spreading its impact over a large area, it is of little use against a knife attack, where the impact of the weapon is concentrated in a small area.

Depending on your needs, you might opt for a concealed bullet proof vest in order to make your protection discreet.

Israeli bullet resistant vests are an excellent option

Once you have decided on the type of bullet proof vest you require, you will need to choose a product.  A safe bet, which also represents good value for money, is to purchase an Israeli-made bullet and stab proof vest.  Very simply, the Israeli models have been well-tested in real-life combat situations to produce top quality lightweight vests which strike an optimum balance between protection and mobility.  Despite their high quality, Israeli-made bullet resistant vests are usually cheaper than their American rivals.  Chinese models are perhaps the cheapest on the market, but are low on quality and notoriously unreliable.

The wide variety of bullet proof vests available can be confusing.  Whatever your requirements though, Israeli-made models are a first-rate option.


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