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Latest in Body Armor: Bulletproof Vest with a Concealed Heating System

Concealed Bullet Proof Vest with Heating system


For those military and outdoor enthusiasts, the Goldflex or Kevlar light weight bulletproof vests are an ideal item among the many bullet proof vest for sale .

This brand-new piece of body armor is made of Goldflex or Kevlar, two types of synthetic aramid fibers which not only offer protection, but also make the Kevlar vest light and thin in its fitting.  Because of the use of Goldflex or Kevlar, it can easily be worn beneath everyday clothing.

While other bulletproof jackets may be bulky or uncomfortable to wear for many than a few hours, this bulletproof vest weights only2.54 kilograms, allowing the wearer maximum protection without the burden of weight.

Unique to this particular concealed vest is the heating system that is hidden within the body armor.  Because of this exclusive feature, the light weight vest can be worn in extreme weather conditions without many layers of clothing.

In addition, the heating system is wireless and only requires a battery unit as opposed to an additional power source.  The vest’s heating system allows the buyer to choose between different degrees of heat and is offered along with a charger as well as a carrier that can be used to store belts.

There are two options to choose from for the material the pouch is made from – either 100 percent cotton fabric or a combination of polyster and cotton along with a one-of-a-kind mesh liner.

It is possible to remove the ballistic panels so that they can be cleaned properly with a damp brush and well-maintained.  The inner part of the bulletproof vest has a net that has been specifically designed to absorb perspiration and to keep the wearer dry at all times.

This light weight bulletproof vest has been approved by the Israeli Standards Institute and has received a “Level A” rating, which is the highest rating given by the Institute.  In addition to this rating, this piece of body armor received a ranking of Type IIIA from the US National Institute of Justice (NIJ).

The Lightweight bullet proof vest is available at for $399.95, nearly half of the $719.00 price recommended by the manufacturer.

If you would like to learn more about this ground-breaking product or other body armor items available at, please feel free to call the company’s specialists in the field at +1-646-808-0233.

For additional information about the company and the other exclusive products offered, visit

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