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Star of David Necklace for Men

Maybe you have wondered what the Star of David Necklace means and why is the Star of David significant to the Jewish people. How we understand “Star of David” in the English translation is very different from what its Hebrew original means. The Hebrew term “Magen David” actually connotes “protector” or “shield”. In the old Jewish traditions it is taught that refers to King David’s shield. Traditional sources describe King David’s shield as being emblazoned with a six pointed star. According to this general story, it was this specific form of shield that drew G-d’s protection for King David with his men and led to their famous victories in battle.

The Star of David (or Magen David in Hebrew- means ‘David’s shield’) poetically this refers to G-d. as protector of Israel and King David as representative of the Nation. This six pointed star is a fixture of synagogue and is worn as Jewish jewelry symbolizing G-d ‘s universe dominion and protection for us all coming from the six directions: North and South; East and West; as well as Up and Down. The hexagon in the middle represents the Sh’Kina or Divine spirit – which is the dimension of God’s protection.
Men in western countries seldom wear Jewelry. About the only Jewish jewelry commonly seen on men is a Star of David or a Chai pendant. Among many communities a Medium to Large Star of David is a common gift to a man for Bar Mitzvah or engagement, or any occasion. features several unique Star of David pendants that are especially suited to and preferred by men.




Gold Star of David Necklace, Hebrew Name – This custom made Star of David with the man’s name is a gift of love that men often also
buy for themselves. it is laser cut from genuine 14K  Yellow or White Gold and come with a matching 14K chain.



Gold Star of David on a Silver Coin with Pristly Blessing



Gold Star of David on a Silver Coin with Priestly Blessing – This is a beautiful Stat of David for a man. The star is of 9 ct. gold mounted on a Sterling Silver Medallion inscribed with the priestly blessing. This authentic Israeli jewelry piece complements any outfit.



Star of David Pendant Necklace, Leather Rope or Silver Chain


Star of David Pendant Necklace, Leather Rope or Silver Chain – Nothing is more contemporary and edgy then a Black Leather Rope chain – Nothing is more timeless then a Silver Star of David. Israel’s hot, young, Tel Aviv, jewelry workshop, Mizze has brought them together in a way that any young man will love to be seen wearing



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