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  • Lightweight Bullet Proof Waistcoat – Level IIIA
    Lightweight Bullet Proof Waistcoat – Level IIIA

Lightweight Bullet Proof Waistcoat Level IIIA, Kevlar Vest

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Now you can be both stylish and protected with this unique bullet proof waist coat.  Suitable for all formal occasions, nobody need ever know that you are wearing a concealed vest, as you go about your business while enjoying protection.

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adding a special layer (extra 30% thickness and weight), level IIIA + SP1

MSRP: $749.00
Sale price: $459.00




This is the ideal body armor for the security guard or VIP who often dresses for a formal occasion.  Gala dinners and high-profile events can be a security hazard, but thanks to this bullet proof waist coat, you can attend important functions with peace of mind.


Cleverly, this is a lightweight bullet proof vest rolled into one neatly designed waist coat.  The waist coat itself can be worn on its own or as part of a three piece suit, making it compatible for almost any formal occasion.  Your comfort is also taken into account as you can insert or remove some of the protective Kevlar plates, so as not to restrict your movement.  This means that you can adjust the balance between comfort and protection to suit you.  


However, there is no need whatsoever to compromise on the level of protection.  This is certified level IIIA body armor, which will protect against small arms, hand guns and shrapnel from explosions.  The Kevlar helps to absorb the impact, as does the material of the bullet proof vest itself.  Manufactured from specially woven fibers, these also act to soften the impact of a blast, bullet or explosion.  Of course, you can adjust the plating to suit you. 


All in all though, of all the bullet proof jackets on sale, this is a truly unique item.  Nowhere else will you find a protective waist coat designed to provide top class protection specifically for formal occasions.  Bullet resistant wear has never been so fashionable!




Why choose Israel-catalog bullet proof products:
Warranty -  All vests has a 5 Years warranty 
Quality - All bulletproof vests are manufactured under ISO 9000 quality conditions 
NIJ Approved - The vests have been approved by The National Institute of Justice (NIJ)
Fast Shipping – Every order is sent via  EMS express delivery
IDF Standards – The vests are manufactured by the Israel Defense Force Standards 


For Bulk Orders and other inquiries: contact our body armor expert


Protective Materials-Soft Ballistic fabrics protection:

Woven fabrics:   Polyethylene  
Protecting area: 0.32 cm2
Protection (NIJ 0101.04 Bullet): III-A(Certification)
Weight: approximately 2.0 kg
Inner Shell: Special net for evaporation of perspiration
Outer Shell:  
  Hook and Loop fasteners
Polyester webbing tapes


Ballistic Test Results