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  • IDF army combat helmet, Level IIIA
    IDF army combat helmet, Level IIIA

lightweight Bullet proof Army Helmet, Level IIIA -Kevlar


The IDF's reliable, lightweight helmets protect Israel's combat troops against fragments, explosive ammunition, bombs, sharp and cold weapons. Proven reliability and comfort

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Trusted by Israeli security forces (IDF Mil-spec).

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SKU : 13184
MSRP: $399.00
Sale price: $299.00

Anyone looking out for their head in a combat situation can benefit from the same protection provided by this genuine Israeli military (IDF) combat helmet, as used by IDF forces in battle. Regular IDF combat units and IDF special forces depend on bullet proof vest armor to provide not only safety, but maximum comfort and maneuverability in a combat situation.

The IDF takes care to supply its soldiers in the field with the best body armor and army helmets available to protect them from bullets and shrapnel, constantly revising and updating its equipment in line with the latest combat engineering technologies. The helmet is manufactured in Israel and subjected to rigorous testing . The rounded shell is made from levels of Kevlar and is rated at Threat Level IIIA.

The IDF helmet complies with international standards and has been awarded 'Level A' quality status by Israel's Ministry of Defense. The helmet comes with a strap suspension system inside the helmet and two-point chin strap,

weighs a total 1200 grams  (2.75 lb) and is available in green, black, or green.