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  • Bereshit Hebrew Beginner's Magazine - Year Subscription + Audio CD + 2  extra Free Months
    Bereshit Hebrew Beginner's Magazine - Year Subscription + Audio CD + 2  extra Free Months

Bereshit Hebrew Beginner's Magazine - Year Subscription + Audio CD

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Easy-Hebrew magazine for English speakers or anyone who wants to learn or improve their Hebrew. Includes Audio Bereshit - the complete magazine narrated in Hebrew with English guidance. Hebrew Level: Beginners, English Speakers

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Learning the Hebrew language, especially as an adult, can seem like a daunting task. In the beginning, many students find themselves frustrated trying to master a language whose sounds and alphabet are foreign. But Bereshit magazine makes it easier to study Hebrew and make progress.

Bereshit ('In the beginning,' Genesis 1:1) is a magazine written in easy modern Hebrew, tailored to beginning students of Hebrew and native English speakers. Bereshit covers current events from Israel and the world and includes sections on sports, cultures, movies, science, computers, travel, crosswords, activities, and more. Improve your Hebrew with articles that interest you!

With Bereshit, you'll learn to not only read Hebrew, but speak it. The magazine comes with an audio CD narration in clear, correct Hebrew pronunciation with explanations in English. Bereshit is an authorized teaching aid certified by the Israeli Ministry of Education and is used in hundreds of schools throughout Israel.

A one-year subscription to Bereshit includes 18 issues, published approximately every two weeks in accordance with the Jewish calendar. The magazine does not come out during July-August or on Jewish holidays.

Bereshit is a sister publication of Yanshuf, a more advanced easy-Hebrew publication for students of Hebrew. Our recommendation to beginners is to start out reading Bereshit, and progress to Yanshuf later, after acquiring initial language skills.

Bereshit features:

  • Glossaries alongside text articles
  • Explanations of terms and vocabulary used in the articles
  • Audio CD of all articles in a clean, enunciated style
  • Exercises for additional practice
  • The articles come with different levels of pronunciation to help the readers practice their reading.
  • 16 pages, 35 x 25 cm.

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  • Size (cm): 35 X 25
  • Size (Inch): 14 X 10