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  • My Little Machzor- Childs First High Holiday Prayer Book
    My Little Machzor- Childs First High Holiday Prayer Book

My Little Machzor- Childs First High Holiday Prayer Book

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My Little Machzor is a child's first prayer book for Yom Kipur. This prayer book includes educational religious text followed by beautiful photographs, which will help your child to relate to the prayers at the synagogue on his own level.

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Yom Kipur, the holiest day of the year is identified in two main aspects; fasting and praying. This special Day of Atonement is when the entire congregation gathers together in the synagogue. Many of those who are not frequent visitors to the local synagogue make it an exception on this unique day, when they, too, take part in the Jewish traditions of Yom Kipur. While the adults who come to the synagogue can somehow find their way through the many prayers, with the help of a Yom Kipur Machzor, little children have a more difficult time understanding the essence of this uplifting day. A common situation, familiar to many parents, is of their child sitting beside them in the synagogue, gradually loosing his patience, while starting to move uncomfortably in his seat. My Little Machzor - A Child's First Prayer Book for the High Holy Days is the perfect solution for your child. The book contains educational text relating to the religious customs of Yom Kipur along with fascinating full color photographs which serve as visualization aids to the text. This great book will not only keep your kids busy while you are praying, but will also allow them to find true meaning in the Jewish traditions on a level they can easily relate to. My Little Machzor, by Gefen publishers, is a sequel to the worldly success of 'My little Sidur'. This is the perfect Jewish gift any parent would want to buy for his child.

  • Publisher: Gefen Publishing
  • Binding: Hardcover