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  • Yom Kippur Children's Machzor, Hebrew/ English
    Yom Kippur Children's Machzor, Hebrew/ English

Yom Kippur Children's Machzor, Hebrew/ English

Yom Kipur Children's Machzor is a beautifully illustrated prayer book for Yom Kipur containing traditional text followed by clay sculpted images. This great book of prayer from gefen publisher, Israel, is a perfect Jewish gift for you child.
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Yom Kipur Children's Machzor is a full color illustrated prayer book for children. The concept of Yom Kipur is one that is hard for kids to grasp. The fact that their parents spend the better part of this day immersed in prayers, at the synagogue, makes it even harder for children to fully understand the meaning of this holy day. The Yom Kipur Children's Machzor, by Noam Zimmerman, is exactly what is needed in order to connect the child and help him understand the meaning of the holy day while allowing him to actually join the Yom Kipur prayers. + Noam Zimmerman, the artist of this great book, is a 14 year old girl, from Israel. Nine months prior to her Bat Mitzvah, Noam started working on this project, which was meant to be a Jewish gift for the guests at her own Bat Mitzvah party. Noam prepared clay images from 'fimo' (a type of clay) to represent the meaning of different themes in several passages of the Yom Kipur prayer. The outcome of her project was magnificent and Gefen Publishers took upon themselves to market this unique book to the public. + We all like to give our kids the opportunity and knowledge to connect to the Jewish traditions and to the Jewish holidays. Noam Zimmerman, with her clay sculpting techniques, has made it an easy task to familiarize our kids with the prayers of Yom Kipur, through the Yom Kipur Children's Machzor.

  • Publisher: Gefen Publishing
  • Binding: Hardcover