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  • The Changing Face of Health Systems
    The Changing Face of Health Systems

The Changing Face of Health Systems


The Israel National Institute for Health Policy and Health Services Research. A comprehensive analysis of the changing nature of health policy agenda.

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This volume is a comprehensive compilation of essays based on the presentations and discussions of the Second Jerusalem International Conference on Health Policy held in 1998. Emphasizing an interdisciplinary approach to the issue of health policy agenda reform, the book is comprised of six sections, covering topics ranging from training and managing the health workforce, accountability in health systems, and shifting modes of allocation and production of medical technologies and services. Written by leading international experts, this collection of essays is based on a key theme - that health system reform has led from a preoccupation with health care policy to at least a tentative foray into a broader definition of health policy. An extensive and valuable resource for health policy makers, providers, managers and researchers.
This volume examines:
Health, health care and the determinants of health.
Patterns of conflict and cooperation between prevention and cure.
Emerging modes and allocation of health resources and production of health services.
New approaches to training and planning for the health workforce.

The interaction of market forces with broader social concerns in health systems.
Mechanisms of accountability needed in view of the changes taking place in health systems.

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