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  • The Children of Buchenwald
    The Children of Buchenwald

The Children of Buchenwald

Child Survivors of the Holocaust and their Pre-War Lives
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'This book tells the story of the 426 young survivors sent from Buchenwald to France. Their stories are essentially those of the triumph of the human spirit after being confronted by the worst evils perpetrated by members of the human race on their fellow human beings.'
- Sir Martin Gilbert
Some of the survivors of Buchenwald tell their stories, from their lives in the camps, their liberation, and their struggle for normalcy and emotional well-being. Includes a touching Foreword from Elie Wiesel and a chapter by Buchenwald survivor Rabbi Meir Lau - Chief Rabbi of Israel.

  • Language: English
  • Author/Artist: Judith Hemmendinger & Robert K
  • Publisher: Gefen Publishing
  • Pages: 200
  • Genre: Holocaust
  • Binding: Hard cover
  • Media: Book