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  • Dangers of A Palestinian State
    Dangers of A Palestinian State

Dangers of A Palestinian State


Israel's leading political analysts examine the strategic threat of a Palestinian State.

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Excerpts from 'Dangers of A Palestinian State'
'Palestine will rise upon the ruins of the State of Israel '
Yitzchak Rabin
'(Israel) is not, as PLO propaganda imagines an imperialist outpost with no roots in the country. It is a solid national venture with a powerful state and military apparatus....'
Dr Mordechai Nisan
Rothberg International School
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
'With the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end o the Cold War, a historic window of opportunity opened for Israel. Actual implementation of the present disastrous political process...would seal the window of opportunity forever.'
Arieh Stav
Director of the Ariel Center for Policy Research

Dangers of a Palestinian State is a compilation of essays by Israel's most noteworthy political analysts, such as Dr David Bukay of the University of Haifa, Arieh Stav, Director of the Ariel Center for Policy Research, and Professor Raphael Israeli, of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
This volume includes two sections. The first section comprises analysis of the dangers of a Palestinian State. The second section presents alternatives to achieve a viable solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict. This important book is both timely and thought-provoking, providing an in-depth analysis of Middle Eastern affairs in a broad historical, cultural and political context.

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