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  • Eclipse of Humanity - CD Rom
    Eclipse of Humanity - CD Rom

Eclipse of Humanity - CD Rom

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Yad Vashem Multimedia Program on the Holocaust.

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Yad Vashem has just completed a comprehensive multimedia program on the Holocaust. The program, presented in a double CD-ROM, makes use of a variety modes to communicate the story of the unprecedented murder of the European Jews. Starting with the Jewish world before the rise of Nazism, the program outlines anti-Jewish policy and the development of the plan for the 'final solution'. It describes Jewish responses, the attitude and conduct of bystanders and deals with memory and the impact and significance of the Holocaust in shaping Jewish and Western self-understanding in the second half of the twentieth century.

The multimedia program combines a narrative -- an experiential presentation -- with an expansive database, containing thousands of archival and scholarly items (texts, photographs, audiovisual recordings and film clips). It is a high quality complex project from both a technological and a historical standpoint. It presents a new opportunity for people to become familiar with Holocaust history, and provides a uniquely structured study experience in which users explore various aspects and dimensions of this period, depending on their own inclinations.

The project was produced by a team of advanced students of history and literature from the International School for Holocaust Studies, guided and supervised by Prof. Yehuda Bauer, head of the International Institute for Holocaust Research at Yad Vashem. The program was produced at the initiative of Jean Frydman and under his auspices.

The program's feature include:
* Interactive historical presentation
* Interactive maps depicting the immense plan of destruction across Europe
* Testimonies of the last living witness. The horror, the hope and the human endurance
* Archival footages from the second world war and the Holocaust
* An extensive Library, which includes over 500 historical documents, translated from Various European languages.
* Timeline - covering over 350 events from the Holocaust and from the war, with pictures and explanations
* Interviews with world-renowned historians and thinkers
* Holocaust art galleries. Illuminating human creativity during a period of complete darkness
* Sophisticated search engines allowing users to investigate and explore the vast content

System requirements:
O/S windows 95/98, NT or higher
Pentium Processor 200 higher
32 MB RAM or more
8X CDROM Drive
SoundBlaster Compatible sound card
Screen Resolution - 800*600 pixels
Screen Color Depth - 16 bit (High color)
HD space - 7 MB available

O/S 8.0 and above
iMac, G3 or better
PowerPC 180 MHz or higher
32 MB RAM or more
8X CDROM Drive
Screen resolution - 800X600 pixels
Screen Color Depth - 16 bit (thousands of colors)
HD space - 15 MB available

  • Genre: Holocaust
  • Media: CD-ROM
  • System Requirements: PC/MAC
  • Age: 12 & up