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  • The Encyclopedia of Jewish Life
    The Encyclopedia of Jewish Life

The Encyclopedia of Jewish Life

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The Encyclopedia of Jewish Life - Before, During and After the Holocaust

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The Encyclopedia received the 2001 Reference Book Award from the Research & Special Libraries Division of the Association+The numbers tell the story:
PINKAS, or ledger - the Jewish community's record book - chronicles of the life of the community by listing the dates and details of births and deaths.
Three volumes in English composed of 1,824 pages and up to 300 photographs, condense nearly 30 volumes of a project spanning more than 25 years, involving hundreds of researchers and historians and thousands of Jewish communities in more than 20 countries.
The names tell the story:
The changes in governments and control of certain areas led to a dizzying confusion in place-names and variants, as many communities changed hands many times.
THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF JEWISH LIFE includes an EXTENSIVE CROSS REFERENCE OF ALL NAMES, making it a more useful reference text for genealogists, historians and researchers.
The maps tell the story:
THE BOXED SET of THREE VOLUMES in ENGLISH include alphabetical listing of communities (A-J, K-Sered, Seredina-Z) showing the largest communities, beginning with the arrival of the first Jews to the particular location and then details the community's history through WWI, the inter-war decades, and the Holocaust, including its immediate aftermath. Each section is preceded by a short introduction describing the main events and background. Index of personalities, places, organizations and institutions.

  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Yad Vashem
  • Genre: Holocaust
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