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Fifty Jewish Messiahs


An intriguing history spanning 2000 years, revealing the stories of the little-known Jewish Messiahs.

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It is a little known fact that since the time of Jesus, there have been more than fifty prominent Jewish 'Messiahs'. These characters, though unrenowned today, inspired messianic fervor that at times seized the whole Jewish, Christian, Muslim and even secular worlds. The stories of these fifty Messiahs, both male and female, are unknown - suppressed by Jewish religious authorities or ignored by historians of all religions. Until now. In Fifty Jewish Messiahs, these forgotten stories, at times humorous, bizarre, tragic or solemn, are finally told.

  • Language: English
  • Author/Artist: Jerry Rabow
  • Publisher: Gefen Publishing
  • Pages: 200
  • Genre: Judaism
  • Binding: Hard cover
  • Media: Book