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  • God, Israel, & Shiloh
    God, Israel, & Shiloh

God, Israel, & Shiloh, by David Rubin 2007

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A gripping biblical and historical saga about the Land of Israel and the Jewish people. By David Rubin, former Mayor of Shiloh, Israel.

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God, Israel, and Shiloh is a true story which describes Israel 's difficult, yet miraculous process of return to its Biblical heartland, despite all of the barriers in its path. The story is told through the eyes of David Rubin, as one who grew up in Brooklyn as a secular Jew, returning as a young adult to his Jewish roots, and eventually moving to Shiloh, which was the first capital of ancient Israel, and is now on the front lines of the struggle for the Land of Israel and the war on terrorism.

This is a historical/Biblical story of Israel's up and down relationship with God, from the Exodus from Egypt to the present and future, all in the context of the eternal covenant between God and His people through the centuries.

The book explores Israel's return to its heartland from a human perspective, with a special focus on Shiloh from the inside. David tells the full story of his family's horrifying and painful, yet miraculous and inspiring experience with terrorism and how it led to the establishment of the Shiloh Israel Children's Fund. He examines the illogical peace plans hatched up by the politicians of Israel and the world, as well as the most recent traumatic and miraculous events in Israel.

The book also addresses the significance of Israel's internal spiritual struggle, the Radical Islamic threat to world peace and freedom, and the growing role of evangelical Christian supporters on behalf of Israel's heartland. All of these issues are discussed openly and honestly, with a passion for truth rarely exhibited in the plethora of books about Israel or the Middle East.

'God, Israel, and Shiloh by David Rubin is a magnificent testimony of the faith and courage expressed by our contemporary generation of pioneer heroes. Every one of its pages is soaked in the blood and tears of daily sacrifice, but is imbued with the odyssey of love and faith which brought the Rubin family back to God and back to Israel, while it placed them in the forefront of contemporary Jewish history. I believe it is a must read for anyone who wants to understand the uniqueness of our very unique and fateful generation of return. '
-Rabbi Dr. Shlomo Riskin
Chief Rabbi, Efrat
Chancellor, Ohr Torah Stone Colleges and Graduate Programs

  • Language: English
  • Author/Artist: David Rubin
  • Original Release date: 2007
  • Pages: 188
  • Binding: Soft Cover