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  • Out of the Limelight
    Out of the Limelight

Out of the Limelight

Events, Operations, Missions, and Personalities in Israeli History . Many stories of the courageous men and women who defied the world and founded the state of Israel.
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'Out of the Limelight' is the fascinating and vividly-told story of the events surrounding the miraculous birth of the State of Israel. The author, Eliyahu Sacharov, was one of the key figures who defied the world, ignored the embargo placed on the fledgling state, and with astounding courage and determination, founded the State of Israel.
The author

  • Author/Artist: Eliyahu Sacharov
  • Original Release date: Apr. 2004
  • Pages: 250
  • Genre: History & Current Events
  • Binding: Hardback