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  • The Holocaust in Lithuania
    The Holocaust in Lithuania

The Holocaust in Lithuania


1941-1945 A Book of Remembrance:Four volumes incorporating a detailed list of the names of Lithuanian Holocaust victims.

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In the brutality, misery and evil perpetrated by the Nazi regime during World War II, millions of Jews, wiped out from the face of the earth, were also denied a proper memorial, even to their names. In the fifty years since the end of the war, significant and vital progress has been made, by various institutions and historians, in recording the names of those who perished.

The Holocaust in Lithuania is a major contribution to this important effort. A book about memory, its primary aim is to record and document the names of Lithuanian Jews who perished in the Holocaust. Over 50,000 names are included, as a result of years of research and collation, using articles in journals and the daily press, mailings to survivors, and on-line submissions to the project website.

This extensive work is comprised of four volumes. The first is a detailed history of the Holocaust in Lithuania, providing a historical context in which to consider the final three volumes, which feature the lists of those who were interned in ghettos, and those who perished during the terrible years of 1941-1945. This comprehensive history also include important information, such as a list of Yahrzeit (Memorial) dates of Lithuanian Jewish communities, and detailed reference lists of films, books and articles on the Lithuanian Holocaust.
Edited and Compiled by Rose Lerer Cohen and Saul Issroff.

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