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  • The Klezmer Bunch
    The Klezmer Bunch

The Klezmer Bunch

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Amelia Hoffman's fun, musical tale of the Klezmer Bunch on a journey to a wedding ceremony.

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What's the best way for traveling musicians to schlep their instruments to a wedding in a faraway village? Why, in an old baby carriage, of course! But when the mischievous carriage takes off by itself and rolls from village to village, oy vey, oy vey, only a sweet klezmer song can save the day.

Join the Klezmer Bunch on a bumpy journey all the way to the wedding ceremony and sing along with the happy bride and groom. A wedding like this has never been seen

A yidl mit fiddle and violin. The relatives drank vodka till their beards dropped. And the in-laws gobbled goose and pastrami Till their bellies popped. Amalia Hoffman captures the spirit and soul of klezmer with charming and whimsical illustrations where the music is playfully intertwined with every detail of village life.