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  • MAIMONIDES: Reason above All
    MAIMONIDES: Reason above All

MAIMONIDES: Reason above All


This engaging and informative book reveals unknown but true facts about Jewish thought in the Bible and in general before the time of Maimonides.

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The book addresses provocative questions such as:

  • Did the majority of Jews before Maimonides believe that God has a body?
  • Why did Maimonides and many rabbis disparage women?
  • Why did Maimonides extol intelligent non-Jews?
  • Why don't Jews say a prayer before such activities as having sexual relations or giving charity?
  • Why doesn't the Torah condemn the five suicides committed in its pages?
  • Why were Jacob and David passive when their daughters were raped?
  • Should rational Jews observe mystical Jewish practices and say mystical prayers?

This volume contains surprising facts, such as:

  • Not all Jews believe that people have souls.
  • Rabbis know that we do not possess the original Torah text.
  • Rabbis suggest that Moses staff had unusual magical powers.
  • Jewish judges do not adjudicate cases according to Torah law.
  • Many rabbis recognize that the ten plagues were not miracles.
  • The Torah records how innocent people are killed for the misdeeds of their ancestors.
  • Dipping bread in salt is based on a superstitious fear of demons.