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  • Quenched Steel
    Quenched Steel

Quenched Steel

The Story of an Escape from Treblinka.
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This unique narrative of escape combines the immediacy of postwar memoirs with the bittersweet perspective of age. The determined young Weinstein, one of the very few to escape from Treblinka, avoided death many times: in a labor camp, from a bunker and from informers - Poles, Ukrainians, Germans and Russians.

The author credits his mother, whom he saw being taken away, with saving him once again when she appeared in a vision to an undecided rescuer, and convinced her not to inform on her son. The author found his father and after the war they immigrated to the USA.

  • Language: English
  • Author/Artist: Edi Weinstein
  • Publisher: Yad-Vashem
  • Pages: 174
  • Genre: Holocaust
  • Binding: Soft cover
  • Media: Book