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  • But Some Became Stars
    But Some Became Stars

But Some Became Stars

A moving memoir by a truly remarkable woman
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'But Some Became Stars is both a reverent tribute to the parents and teachers who fashioned her outlook, and at the same time a gripping challenge to all who encounter hardship in their passage through life.'
- The Right Hon. The Lord Jakobovits, Emeritus Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom
A moving memoir by a truly remarkable woman. From her life in Germany before the war to her abundant achievements since, Bradfield supplies us with engaging anecdotes while suffusing us with a strong, and sometimes bitter dose of history. Through young Susi, we come to know not only the characters who have made up her world, but we begin to identify with and understand the stories of the million plus children whose lives were taken in the Holocaust.

  • Language: English
  • Author/Artist: Susi Bradfield
  • Publisher: Gefen Publishing
  • Pages: 256
  • Genre: Holocaust
  • Binding: Hard cover
  • Media: Book