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  • When Less is More
    When Less is More

When Less is More

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The Path to Spiritual and Physical Well Being. video cassette included.
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The Book is more always better? Often it is not, according to Arieh Lev Breslow. In his book, 'When Less is More: Using the Mind to Exercise the Body,' he argues for adopting a lifestyle known as the Middle Path. This sensible
philosophy was shared by such diverse thinkers as Moses Maimonides, Confucius, Hippocrates, Lao Tsu and Abraham Lincoln and it is valid for us today. Breslow shows the reader how to find his or her Middle Path through meditations, visualizations and exercise. 'When Less is More' is a fascinating exploration of the mind's power and its healing potential. This book will change your life forever.
Health Video
This 45 companion video to 'When Less is More' contains the exercises that are explained and illustrated in the book. Easy to do and to learn, the exercises are designed to improve your health and well-being. If practiced daily, they will calm your mind, increase your oxygen intake, improve
balance, relax tense muscles and strengthen your legs. This video will help you to stay on the Middle Path.
'Arieh Breslow's approach is 'hands-on' in every sense' - The Jerusalem Post.
'A highly workable program for dealing with the increasing demands of today's stressful society. Accessible and a delight to read. ' - British Tai
Chi Magazine.

  • Language: English
  • Author/Artist: Arieh Lev Breslow
  • Genre: Health
  • Media: Book