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  • At the Window
    At the Window

At the Window


Acclaimed poet Michel Shore records his physical and spiritual journey in an inspirational collection of poetry.

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'I want to share your hope that our potential as a nation will emerge from dream to reality.'
Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau
'[Shore] is proving to be a graceful, tasteful writer... His serious messages peak through the many-coloured coats of his impressionistic prose.'
Burt Heward, Book Editor, Ottawa Citizen
'I liked it. I found reverberations... They reflect [the author's] anguish - and [his] fervor.'
Elie Wiesel

Acclaimed author Michel M.J Shore journeys a great distance in At the Window: An Odyssey of Scenes, Emotions and the Spirit. His physical journey takes him across the globe, to peoples and cultures vastly different, yet somehow similar, familiar, and always beloved. His spiritual journey, covering a distance as vast as the continents he wanders, is told in pithy and lyrical verse. He rediscovers glorious Jerusalem after a long absence, finding - unexpectedly - that time has little relevance in spiritual matters - '...the soul never moved, it remained at home'
From the Sinai desert to ancient India. From Christianity to Islam, and Buddhism to Judaism, Michel Shore's spirituality, mirrored in his writing, encompasses the universality of God. The result is a journey that is firmly rooted in both the soul and the soil. It is the journey of a spiritual voyager, searching within himself, and for all humankind.
Born in 1948, in Paris, Michel M.J. Shore has sat on a human rights tribunal since 1989 where he specializes in war crimes, crimes against humanity and trauma. With advanced degrees and a background in philosophy, international law, negotiations, mediation, healing, and writing, he lectures on the art of active listening, seeing and silence. Michel is the author of Jerusalem Breezes, a Human Panorama of Jerusalem and a Hope for Peace, O Canada, Canada, The Tempest: Random Reading in Ethical Temperature, Many Journeys, One Destination, with photographer-artist Kevin Robins, and I Hear Music in Every Psalm, Meditation-Poems, with calligraphy by Jamie Shear. Shore's most recent work includes his poetry in the film, Frankl's Choice, produced and directed by Ruth Yorkin Drazen, featuring Richard Dreyfus and Kathleen Chalant, and his forthcoming works include a book of short stories, God's Crops, David's Help, Simple Wisdom for Complicated Times, as well as a poetry CD.

  • Language: English
  • Author/Artist: Michel Shore
  • Publisher: Gefen Publishing
  • Pages: 80
  • Genre: History & Current Events
  • Binding: Soft cover
  • Media: Book