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  • AHAVA Dead Sea Salt Softening Butter Salt Scrub
    AHAVA Dead Sea Salt Softening Butter Salt Scrub

AHAVA Dead Sea Salt Softening Butter Salt Scrub


This one of a kind enriching body butter formula by AHAVA Active Dead Sea Minerals is also a deep salt scrub to really pamper your skin all over. Revitalize tired skin and undo the affects of the weather and environement for a more youthful energetic glow. Allergy tested, Paraben Free.

235 ml, 12.3 oz jar

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MSRP: $49.95
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AHAVA Active Dead Sea Minerals created this buttery smooth body moisturizer and scrub from Dead Sea Salts, natural oils and minerals blended with sugar to smooth and gently exfoliate your skin.. Enriched with anti-aging Dunaliella seaweed, conditioning Jojoba and Coconut oils, and scented with Mandarin and Cedarwood, the salt scrub is guaranteed to mellow your mood and transform your skin into silky smoothness.


The AHAVA Osmoter(TM) is a unique blend of minerals contained in all AHAVA cosmetic products. It optimizes cell metabolism, strengthens skin against UV damage and significantly increases moisture to keep your skin looking supple and young. A gift from nature, Dead Sea active mineral products are known to improve your skin's youthfulness and well-being.


From the Dead Sea - Your Skin is Reborn: Dead Sea Minerals are abundant in healing properties and have been cherished thoughout history. Innovation and science at the AHAVA Dead Sea Laboratories, merge with the serene Israel desert landscapes to create the wonderous AHAVA products from the bounties of nature.


Use: Apply liberally and massage thoroughly into dry skin. Add water gradually to create a rich, smooth lotion. Rinse off well.


Approved for sensitive skin

Allergy tested

Dermatologically tested, no animal testing done.

Paraben Free

100 ml tube 3.4 fl oz.