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  • AHAVA Anti-aging Night Cream
    AHAVA Anti-aging Night Cream
  • AHAVA  Age Control Night Nourishment, Time To Smooth
    AHAVA  Age Control Night Nourishment, Time To Smooth

AHAVA Age Control Even Tone Sleeping Cream

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Indulge your skin with AHAVA's Age Control Night Nourishment cream, formulated with their unique blend of Dead Sea minerals and extracts. The 3D Complex™ of anti-oxidant rich Dunaliella algea and Date extracts helps rejuvenate your skin and combat the damaging affects of daily skin exposure. Nightly use will help your complexion look smoother and younger. Allergy tested and Paraben Free
50ml (1.7 fl oz) jar

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Massage this luxurious night cream into your skin and start to see the rejuvenating affects the next morning!

AHAVA Dead Sea Cosmetics formulated their Age Control Night Nourishment cream with their trademarked Osmotor and 3D Complex blends of Dead Sea minerals and plant extracts.

Nightly use will effectively smooth your skin's texture and dramatically reduce the fine lines and wrinkles that come with age and exposure to the sun and other damages. This deep moisturizing dead sea face cream indulges your skin while you sleep, it is most effective when your body is resting.

AHAVA's 3D Complex™ is a unique blend of  three powerful components made from dead sea minerals and plant extract that heal and replenish the skin simultaneously. Minerals from the Dead Sea assist in retaining and enriching the skin's natural moisture. Dunaliella algae extracts contribute various anti-aging properties while also helping to reduce wrinkle depth and smooth fine facial lines. Lasty, Date plant extracts that contain anti-oxidant rich Beta Carotine and Vitamin E strenthen the skin's fighting powers against free radicals and other environmental damage.
AHAVA's Osmotor blend of Dead Sea minerals harvested from the healing Dead Sea salt waters that optimized cell matabolism, helps protect from UV damage and significantly increases the moisture content of your skin. All of which combine to keep your complexion looking young and supple.
Usage: Massage gently into clean skin each evening until fully absorbed and wake with a younger looking complexion.
Approved for sensitive skin - Paraben free. Dermatologically and Allergy tested - no animal testing.
50 ml (1.7 fl oz) frosted glass jar