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  • AHAVA Foot Cream - Set of 3 Super Saver Deal
    AHAVA Foot Cream - Set of 3 Super Saver Deal

AHAVA Foot Cream - Set of 3 Super Saver Deal

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Never be without a tube of moisturizing AHAVA foot cream with this super saver price deal. Rich creamy lotion smooths rough calloused feet, so you walk on softness all day long. Massage this deep moisturizing lotion on your feet and let the nutrient rich Dead Sea Mineral formula smooth your skin while you rest.

Allergy tested and Paraben Free. 100 ml (3.4 fl oz) tube

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Your feet take a lot of abuse each day - pamper them with this rich, moisturizing foot cream by AHAVA Dead Sea Minerals. AHAVA's Osmoter TM formulated lotion hydrates and softens dry, rough, calloused feet, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth and noticeably softer. Now you can buy three tubes at one great low price!

AHAVA's Osmoter TM formula optimizes cell metabolism, protects your skin from UV damage, and significantly increases your skins moisture to keep your feet looking young and smooth.

Directions: Massage into the skin of your heels and feet in the morning or evenings before going to bed to experience that silky smooth feeling.

Approved for sensitive skin, allergy tested and Paraben free. 100 ml (3.4 fl oz) tube